We are experts in business sustainability. 

Whether you are just getting started, or if you have already taken steps down the path to sustainability, our creative, motivational and visionary experts will help take your efforts to the next mile. Click on the links below to learn more about our services.

Business Energy Advisor Program

Workplace Energy, Waste, Water _ Sustainability Baseline Audits

Climate Smart Carbon Footprint Measurement, Reduction _ Leveraging 

Sustainability Education, Workshops _ Training

Event Greening Services

Green Table Network Restaurant Sustainability Assessment _ Certification

Our services are customized based on a client’s size, sector, goals and budget. By coaching our customers, rather than “consulting,” GreenStep educates and trains organizations to develop sustainability strategies that work for them, building capacity within the senior management and staff to identify and implement initiatives that will save money and at the same time, deliver meaningful environmental and social benefits that can be promoted to the community, investors and current and prospective employees.

People are a company’s greatest asset. By coaching, engaging and empowering your staff in business sustainability; retention, productivity, profitability, reputation and customer satisfaction improve significantly. Employees are the front line of your organization and have knowledge that will improve your business. 

Don’t greenwash. GreenStep.

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