GreenStep in the News!

Old Vines lends a helping hand – September 15, 2010.. On Sept. 19 and Oct. 4, the third and fourth seminars out of a series of five will be held at the Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. The series that was initiated and is co-ordinated by The Green Table Network is concentrating its efforts on canning. On Sept. 19, it will be organic pears donated by McCoubrey Farm and on Oct. 4 the topic will turn to tomatoes.

GreenTable is a sponsor at 2nd Annual BCRFA Charity golf tournament September 14, 2010On SeptemberBCRFA 14th, the 2nd Annual BCRFA Charity golf tournament  is taking place and they have a few spaces left for both sponsorship and players. Last years inaugural tournament was a huge success and enjoyed by all involved.The Kelowna foodbank will be the beneficiary this year, so if you’d like to sit in the cart, have a beer and a whack for a good cause Register here.

Green Table was a sponsor last year and is again this year. The game on our sponsored hole will make your golf more efficient and ahead of the the rest, just like being a member. Darrell Eason was part of the winning team last year and he is determined to to retain the title with his fellow team mates; Mark, Shae and Sharron “deadly aim” Tulk!

Rossland’s Prestige Taking Green Steps – Aug 26, 2010: Rossland’s Prestige Mountain Resort is taking the environmental front with a number of green initiatives and more coming down the line for the hotel chain. The Prestige has also been in contact with Green Step, a team of sustainability experts who work on integrating sustainability principles into the business and organization model.

Green Department Design Challenge creates big cost savings for Sysco Kelowna – June 15, 2010: Sysco Kelowna, recent recipients of a Green Business Award and Mayor’s Environmental Achievement Award, have just completed a two month long Green Department Design Challenge, and the results have exceeded expectations.  “Not only have teams identified ways to save tens of thousands of dollars, associates seem happier, have new colourful and vibrant workspaces and have built stronger relationships with each other” says Lindsay Eason, GreenStep Vice President.

GreenTable: Stretching a limited food budget- December 16, 2009: Tom Currin, head chef for Sturgeon Hall, gives a seminar at the Kelowna Gospel Mission about stretching a food budget to create wholesome, local meals for as little as a $1.00 per person. Watch the CHBC News Clip here.

GreenTable: The Network that Works – December 8, 2009: GreenTable brings Sturgeon Hall and Kelowna Gospel Mission together for budget conscious cooking workshop on Dec. 16 for local families this holiday season.

working-greener1Going green is easier than you think! Wednesday November 18 2009 : Kelowna Daily Courier, Steve MacNaull, Page: B1 / FRONT Section: Business

Small steps for the environment, big steps for Sturgeon Hall – September 3, 2009: Gaining recognition, support and guidance is the reason Sturgeon Hall has chosen GTN. “Becoming a GTN member not only provides us with support, but also makes a statement about how we see the future of our community” adds Tom Curran, Head Chef.

Rotten Grape recognized for sustainable leadership - August 19, 2009: The Rotten Grape was one of the first restaurants to be interested in Green Table when they learned of the Vancouver based certification program last year. Darrell Eason, an Okanagan Green Table Advisor, says “all restaurants are different in their atmosphere and menu, as well as their level of sustainability. The Rotten Grape is ahead of the curve because, amongst other initiatives, they use local and organic proteins, Oceanwise recommended seafood and their strong recycling program helps the community through the Boys and Girls Club.”

Sustainable Restaurants Recognized - June 16, 2009: A Vancouver based green restaurant certification program is now establishing roots in the interior. The Green Table Network aims to bring a sustainability standard to restaurant and food service facilities and offer recognition for their efforts.